This is a theological paper and such reflect such with a balanced use of the Bible as well as other Scholarly
Turabian / Chicago citation
The Personality of Jeremiah
Jeremiah is one of the longest, largest book in the Bible. If you add Lamentations, the man
Jeremiah becomes one of the most prolific writers of the Old Testament. His work is also some
of the most autobiographical. In this exercise, the student is to endeavor to write a description of
Jeremiah as a man, as a prophet, and as a citizen of Israel. This is primarily a study of the
biblical text of Jeremiah and Lamentations, but Jewish tradition and other outside sources may
be also used.
a. Beginnings and calling. What we know about Jeremiah’s beginnings.
b. Jeremiah’s Method: His Message and His Activities
c. Jeremiah’s Character. What personality traits can we discern from the book?
d. Comparison of Jeremiah with other biblical leaders in terms of style and message
e. Evaluation of the Man of God.

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