This is my PROMPTWe have been learning greatly about the roles domestic workers have in the global scale in our book Servants of Globalization. In this essay please explain how these women play a significant role to their employer, the economy and with their own family.1st body paragraph: For their employment status, compare and contrast the employment status of a female domestic worker and her female employer. 2nd body paragraph:For the economy, please describe historically where women once stood and where these domestic workers stand now. In addition, what does their economic structure look like in regards to their family. 3rd body paragraph:Lastly, with regards to their own families, please describe the attitudes of those involved (husbands, children, kin etc.), they can be positive or negative towards these women.Paper should be 4 pages, typed, double spaced, proofread, and include a work cited page. You will be assessed on your ability to answer the prompt fully, provide your own thoughts and ideas, and draw connections to the readings Servants of Globalization.


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