This is where I submit my third and last deliverable: the Final Version of my paper.
As usual, only complete submissions will be graded. In order for my submission to be complete, I need to submit two documents in PDF format:
Progress Report (PR).
In this PR, you must include our PREVIOUS feedback; copy and paste it.
The new part of your PR, that is, the part that corresponds to the work you have done in your Final Version, should be AT MOST one page, and it can be less.
In this new part, you must tell us about your work and ALSO address the previous feedback. This means you have to tell whether you have incorporated the suggestions and why (or why not).
ii. Your Final Version proper.
Before you submit your Final Version proper, check that it follows the Guidelines.
You have an UNLIMITED number of submissions; only the last one will be taken into account. Make sure your name (which is my name Haosen Ma) is included in the name of your documents. For example: Smith_Jane_Final.pdf and Smith_Jane_PR_Final.pdf
*Please follow the guideline of the draft and final to write the final version of paper. Moreover, you need to check the feedback for the draft to edit and extend the paper in order to meet the requirement from above based on my topic “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)”
Besides, the progress report for the final paper is also needed, you just have to copy and paste the feedbacks from the draft and answer them separately.

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