This literary analysis research paper is about to kill a mockingbird and the impact of the setting that it has on the book.
i have provided the bibliography (set of sources that need to be used in the essay!!) the outline (this outline needs to be followed throughout the essay, please use this outline it is very important for the essay) and i even provided some of the essay i wrote myself if you need an idea of what needs to be provided.
The files i uploaded are very important to the paper so please use them or else i cannot pay you because it is vital to the paper.
Make sure to follow MLA formatting rules (i.e. heading, page number, etc.).
Make sure to use in-text citations for all quoted and paraphrased material.
All research papers must include at least five sources listed on your Works Cited page, including your novel of choice.
All sources listed on your Works Cited page must be referenced in your research paper through quotations or paraphrases.
Remember: The overall goal of this research paper is for you to connect your outside sources with your analysis of the novel.

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