This paper is a 20 page observational paper.You are to choice a behavior and observe 40 subjects-20 women/20 Men or 20 boys/20 girls.You can not talk to these people-just observe their behavior .Format as follows. You will have a cover page-this page does not count as a page Title of your paper-the behavior that you observed Psy111 sec 10 Your name my name INTRODUCTION-the behavior e.g. Road Rage-why this behavior is important to you/the community/to society. HYPOTHESIS-“Men will display more road rage then women” PRIOR RESEARCH-in this section you will describe and cite at least two studies that have looked at the behavior that you are observing and write in your words what they said.Make sure that you cite correctly-at the beginning or end of the paragraph-(Rathus,2011) or more than one author-( Bee et al,2008). METHOD-We will be observing and evaluating two variables-gender and ethnicity 40 subjects How/Where-going to be a passenger in a car traveling on freeways OPERATIONAL DEFINITION-I am defining road rage as cursing at a person.inappropiate gestures,Popping caps in peoples’ asses -running them off the road. CONTROLS-here you are just going to list other variables which you feel also effected your observations-e.g. time of day/day of week,their age,driving alone/with other people,freeway they are on day/night,what happened before you saw them,their personality dynamics OBSERVATIONS #1 Asian-pacific woman driving a pearl colored Mercedes going 120 MPH backwards while shooting two 9 mms sideways like bad boys while talking on the phone and combing her hair. #2African American man driving 30 MPH in the fast lane singing/yelling out his window. #3 * * * * * * * * * #40 ANALYSIS-two variables Gender-Men -18 showed road rage Women-10 showed road rage Men showed the highest road rage Ethnicity-20 men-9 AA.6 Hispanics,5 caucasians 20 women-1 asian Pacific,10 hispanics and 9 African -Americans Men-18 showed road rage-8 AA -highest etnicity HYPOTHESIS-proven GENDER+ETHNICITY=MEN +AA 5 pages of tables/charts bar graphs-represent your analysis-important-numbers-not% and make sure that you label each graph. SUMMARY your findings compare your findings to prior research talk about your feelings/experiences Make recommendations for further research-not how to solve the problems but for further study e.g. larger sample ,different freeways,time of day/week,alone/with other people age,type of car REFERENCE PAGE-a separate page-the 20th page-alphabetical order proper format-last name first,then first etc. 3 references taken from your prior research section if you only cited two cites then use our textbook as your third reference

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