This week’s discussion is centered around concepts from Chapter 18 and new music solo artist, Grandma. 1) Please view, or at least skim, the three YouTube videos on the Grandma playlist by clicking on this Link . You may also look at Grandma’s social media if you choose. Note: You should check out each video since they each offer a different perspective of the artist. Remember that you are the marketer and thus you may not be the target market for this music (i.e., even if you don’t like the music, which is okay, you still have a job to do as a marketer). Thus, your answers should be from the perspective of a marketer marketing to Grandma’s target market. 1) Please watch the videos. 2) Then, for your post, please type each question below followed by your answer. Your answers should incorporate relevant terminology and concepts from this week’s assigned reading and lecture topics, as well as from previous week’s topics, as appropriate. 3) You must also reply to at least one classmate during the course of the discussion, prior to the assignment due date; but, you are encouraged to be fully engaged and contribute more replies in a timely manner. 4) The only authorized sources for this discussion are: a) sources provided in the discussion assignment, b) the course textbook and course lectures for your initial post, and c) the course textbook, course lectures, and your classmates’ discussion postings for your reply/replies. You should not consult nor include any non-authorized sources in your initial postings or replies. 5) Please review the discussion guidelines and grading rubric found in the Step 3 module of your Canvas course before posting to make sure your initial posts and replies meet the assignment expectations.
1. How could, or how does, Grandma use each step of the AIDA model? Be specific, discussing each step of the model, and provide examples as appropriate, using course concepts and terminology in your discussion.
2. What channels of an IMC Strategy (reference Exhibit 18.3) does Grandma employ? Discuss and explain. Provide example(s) to support your answers and justify your answers through the application of course concepts and terminology.
Material Grewal and Levy. Marketing. McGraw-Hill, 8
th edition: 2022. U.S. edition only.

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