Throughout this semester, we have not only studied the historical record, but have learned historical methodology and theory. We have applied this knowledge both to the past and today’s world, and have discussed how ancient history continues to affect current events.
Please write a five-paragraph essay telling me how this class has (or has not) changed your perspective of history, archaeology, the world, etc. In other words, how has this class made you a different person (or, why didn’t this class change your perspectives)? What will you take with you from this class into your next semester (or the workforce)?
Guidelines for the final paper: Your answer should be 3-5 pages long (about 750-1250 words), and should have one-inch margins. Your papers should be written in either Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12. Double space your sentences, and indent your paragraphs. Do not add spaces in between paragraphs. Do not double space your top material (name, class name, etc.). You should use our class materials to write your papers; however, outside materials (peer-reviewed journal articles, reputable websites, etc.) can be used if necessary. Any class or outside materials that you use must be cited and quoted accordingly, and you must include a reference page with your outside sources. Your final should also be submitted electronically.

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