Title: Online Dating
Citation: ASA style (use Academic journal preferably “Journals of Sociology”)
Font: 12 pt
Format: Double space
Textbook (you will need information from the book to use in the paper): Discovering Qualitative Methods by Warner and Karner
My login in to access the book:
Username: Lmarshall7323@sdsu.edu
Password: Pineapple#1
Link: https://shopaztecs.redshelf.com/accounts/login/
Attached below:
1) Research Proposal (IRB)
2) Field Notes
3) Interview Guide/Consent Form
4)Interview Transcripts (Named: Lakeia_1 & Lakeia_2)
5) Data Coding (Named: Export Data, Codes & Descriptors, and Descriptors)
6) Analytic Memo
7) Rubric
8) Analysis Paper
Please include the following feedback in the paper from the analytic memo from my professor.
Feedback: This is a good start and I see ways to build on this to create a successful paper. First, you need to make sure you’re editing your writing to avoid grammatical errors (e.g., summatively and conclusively). You do a good job of identifying the themes clearly, but I’d like to see more about their sociological significance. What do the previous authors say about these themes? You say that your findings are related to the literature, but how? Also, why should we, as sociologists and as human beings, care about online dishonesty? Is there a social problem here? Also, are you seeing variations along the lines of race, gender, or class? You don’t need to address all of these points, but I hope this gives you a sense of how to develop the themes to make the paper more compelling and persuasive to the reader (me).

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