To assess these goals, students will write a research paper that engage the ethical issues involving a particular event or incident happened worldwide. The paper must be at least 5 full pages long (24 or more lines per page, double space, 12 point font) exclude tables, charts and other supporting materials. The paper must be type-written, neatly organized, and must employ the concepts and ideas of economics. Similarity Score on Canvas above 10% is unqualified (copy pasting your previous works is also considered plagiarism). Students are encouraged to start considering and writing the paper at the beginning of the semester. The deadline to submit your paper would be the last class meeting of the semester.
Content: select a past event or incident happened worldwide that has allegedly been involved in unethical, and even illegal activities that put people and society in danger. For this research paper, student will:
1. Introduce and provide a brief historical background of the event or incident you choose
2. Describe the nature of the unethical activities involved with a particular party, and explain their effects or damage to the community and society.
3. Show a critical understanding of the concepts, theories, and methods of economics by analyzing the effects of the unethical activities on the well-being of the society and the economy.
4. Conclude by proposing strategies that can help prevent more similar unethical incidents from happening.

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