hello,I need this work done as professionally as possible, I need you to cite at least two key related to the questions asked points from the movie and the documents provided. I do not want you to use any outside source except the source provided. I also want all citations to be done in MLA format. I also do not want plagiarism. There are links to all the required videos below and attached are all the question prompts for this essay:Below are all you need to read before writing this essay,Read:Benjamin Filene, Romancing the Folk: Public Memory & American Roots Music: Chapter 5: Performing the Folk: Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan (pp. 183-232)- PDF is attachedView:Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (2007)(This out-of-print documentary film is currently available via the website below):Pete Seeger: The Power of Song:http://strangerintown.podcastpeople.com/posts/55626Supplementary Pete Seeger video resources :“Wasn’t That a Time” (1961) by Michael an Phillip Burton“To Hear Your Banjo Play” (1947) featuring Pete SeegerPete Seeger Family Short Films: How to Play a 5-String Banjo (1955)


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