To produce comprehensive marketing audit that suports marketing plan.
The audit to be on Tesla – Model 3 and Market focus shall be UK
The research should provide evidence to support analysis. e,g. Mintel,
MarketLine Advantage, quality newspapers etc.
The report structured shall be as follows:
Front cover – title of the audit
Executive summary
Contents page
Introduction to the audit –
stating company/brand
name and which market you are auditing
Company/ brand background –
an analysis of the current market
Macro analysis (e.g. PEST/
Micro analysis (e.g. company, customers,
suppliers, marketing intermediaries & publics)
Competitive analysis – using strategic groups, perceptual mappings and reviewing
the strengths & weaknesses of the company/ brad’s two closest competitors. (Do not use Porter’s 5 forces)
SWOT & an analysis of
Conclude with the strategic
priorities for the coming year,(2022) based on your analysis of the current situation.

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