TOPIC: Are our teachers getting too much pay? If not, where does the money really go?
You are doing a short research paper. Therefore, you need come up with research questions or thesis.
Warning: You should have one or two research questions or more depending on your interest.
You may start with your introduction and research questions. Then start a second paragraph with a short explanation of what is “outsourcing.”
Create research questions based on the topic. Research and find answers to those questions by using articles from current or past events from any major publication (electronic or print edition) to be your research references. Articles that appear ineconomics journals or business magazines such as “The Economist” are good resources. In addition, articles that appear in blogs or newspapers are good sources for further research. The objective of the paper is to summarize, analyze, critique, support (or question) the articles, and relate the articles to your research questions. The paper must show analysis of a real-world situation using economic concepts, framework and theories to suggest such as what the problems are, why there are problems, how to fix the problems, what the pros and cons are of each solution, and how it will affect each group of people.
At LEAST 5 sources. APA or MLA format.
At LEAST 750 words, max 1200 (no more)
Attached file is grading rubric

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