topic is is spam and i have done this introduction i wanted to be contiued
Do you know that the average daily spam emails, which are one of the spam types, reached 282.93 billion in July, which is a terrible number? (Statista, 2021). With the development of advanced technologies, spam raises a gap that has not been resolved till now. Spam remains a major element of dissemination, scams, or fraudulent schemes. Spam emails are among the most known tool of spamming in online communication systems. Reaching people by spam emails is the first step, and if those people interact with the sent materials, then they will be in trouble (Broadhurst & Trivedi, 2020). Some people think that spam is just related to emails; however, it may include SMS messages to cell phone users, which are based on getting the number of these users by illegal ways from some websites (Salama, 2004). The negative impacts of spam may affect individuals and societies, and thus, talking about this topic along with suggesting some techniques to avoid being in trouble because of spam is necessary, and these are the main objectives of this work.
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