Topic: Privacy Act of 1974
The paper must be 6
pages in length detailing the below questions.
1. Thesis: What position do you want to take in regard to
your chosen law? You will need to decide if you agree or disagree with the current way the law is
written. You can choose to like certain aspects of the law and not others.
2. Background: What is the existing point you want to
challenge or support, and how did the law get to be that way (This is where you
would need to find cases, background information, etc.)?
3. Inadequacies: What are the deficiencies in the present way
of doing things, or what are the weaknesses in the argument you are attacking?
4. Adequacies: Discuss the positive aspects of the law?
5. Proposed Changes: How will we have a better situation,
mode of understanding or clarity with what you are advocating? In short, how
can the law be improved (or not diminished)? (This is where you have the chance
to change the law with your own ideas of how it should be written).
6). Conclusion: Why should and how can your proposal be
A detailed implementation plan is NOT expected, but you
should provide enough specifics for practical follow-up. In making
recommendations, you are expected to draw on theories, concepts and reading.
Must have a minimum of 5 outside
sources cited and referenced in the paper following APA guidelines.

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