To work on your project, follow the following stated guidelines:

1. Watch the movie twice (if possible).

2. Focus on the main characters (at least 2 characters).

3. Choose the subject/s you wish to explore and study it in depth (ie., behaviour, motivation, personality, attitudes, emotions, power and politics, leadership, etc…)

4. Go back to the movie and look for evidence of your chosen topic.

5. Start researching for an applied theory that proves the behaviour you are analysing and provide evidence from the movie. (apply the theory on the movie)

6. Your research paper can include concepts that were not mentioned in class or in your textbook. (the field of OB is full of research regarding the behaviour of individuals in organizations- look through sociology, psychology, social psychology, anthropology and political science).

7. Your research paper should add to the knowledge of others.

8. Finally, write your report paper that should not be less than 8 pages long (including the page of content and reference page) –double spaced, font – Arial, Calibri, or Times new Roman.

a. Cover page with the name of the movie and students’ names.

b. First page, list of content with page numbered.

c. Your paper should start out with an introduction of why you have chosen the topic you wish to explore thoroughly and its impact on the behaviour of the character on other characters.

d. Introduction of the story you are analysing.

e. You should provide at least 4 references in your paper.

f. Finalize your paper with a conclusion regarding the subject you are researching i.e. personality development, motivation, etc..).

g. Your paper must reflect your thorough understanding of what drives people to behave the way they do.

h. Be creative and enjoy this learning process.

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