Use the Chapter 4: Learning Mathematics to answer the questions below.
1. Each of these chapters has an ending section which addresses any/all of the following “Conclusions, Implications, Future Directions” or similar title. How could you and/or your school or district apply/benefit or respond to these conclusions, implications or future directions?
2. How did the research-based findings in your chosen content area chapter expand your understanding of your content area? Be sure to include quotes from the text and how these findings specifically impacted your understandings.
3. How will this expanded understanding of your content shape your practice as a teacher, school or district-level leader? How is your current practice consistent or inconsistent with your expanded understanding?
__________________________________________________________________________________ (Use this link to answer the question below)
READING IN THE CONTENT AREA: After reviewing the content area reading
comprehension strategies provided on, select one strategy from each of the
Before, During, and After categories that you could (or already) use in your own
content-area teaching. In 1-2 sentences, explain how and when you use (or could use)
each strategy specifically in your content area (e.g., in what unit and for what concept
would you use this strategy?).

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