Using Aircraft- “Cessna citation mustang” (find the details of aircraft in document “Mustang_ProdCessna Mustang(JET)”
NOTE- I will add to a excel spreadsheet. To help with equations. file Labeled under “ASCI 309 Functions V5” Click on the bottom tab “Jet ACHT PERFORMANCE (M4)” . the formulas will be in there!!!!!!!!!
STEP 1-begin creating an instructional document PowerPoint
Note: You will then use the data you gathered for this aircraft to show examples of your performance problems and how you derived them.
STEP 2-To provide an outlook on some of the aspects of the next module’s unaccelerated performance, select a jet aircraft of your choice, choose three (3) of the following items of performance, and prepare an instructional presentation.
Available choices: (pick ANY 3 subject)
-maximum forward speed in level flight
-absolute ceiling
-best angle of climb airspeed
-angle of climb
-best rate of climb airspeed
-rate of climb
-maximum endurance airspeed
-maximum range airspeed
-influence of weight on performance
-influence of altitude on performance
-influence of configuration on performance
STEP 3-explains in-depth how to find these different items of performance for a jet aircraft.
NOTE -All provided answers must exemplify the concepts with specific numbers/values for your aircraft.
STEP 4- complete- make sure power point has graphs, pictures and equations worked out.
STEP 5- Check out the (2) different example presentation to make sure you’re on the right track (cant copy because we are using a different jet aircraft)
STEP 6- check out RUBRIC
Note: good website –
ALSO the instruction from class are in uploads.
Check out all upload files.

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