Using these 2 articles complete the discussion.
Please only use these 2 sources.
Moynihan, Donald, Pamela Herd, and Elizabeth Ribgy, 2016. “Policymaking by Other Means: Do States Use Administrative Barriers to Limit Access to Medicaid? Administration and Society, Vol. 48 (4) 497-520
Brodkin, Evelyn Z. and Malay Majmundar Administrative 2010. “Exclusion: Organizations and the Hidden Costs of Welfare Claiming,” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory: J-PART , Vol. 20, No. pp. 827-845.
Review the readings for this week and in a three one or two paragraphs, discuss TWO THINGS you learned from one or more of the readings; and in one or two other paragraphs, lay out ONE QUESTION or SOMETHING THAT IS STILL PUZZLING YOU about the readings and the topic for the week.
Your post should be formatted something like this:
Two Things I learned:
One thing that I’m still puzzling about (or “One question I have”)

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