Utilize the copy of OSHA form 300 (Attached)
January 20: Joe Johns, a maintenance worker, used an ungrounded portable electric drill to repair equipment in an assembly area and was electrocuted. His date of death is January 20.
February 19: Kelly Smith, an assembly worker, became ill from unpleasant odors coming from a remodeling operation in an assembly area. She receives permission from her supervisor to take the rest of the day off. She does not go to a doctor or clinic. She reports to regular work on time the next day.
March 8: Sue Martin, a sewing machine operator, had her right ring finger pulled into an unguarded drive belt pulley on a sewing machine. It caused a small fracture revealed by X-ray. Her finger was splinted. She returned to work the next day.
April 19: Mike Davis, a forklift operator, sprained his ankle on the loading dock. He was moved to an office job for three weeks.
May 11: Joe Marn, a maintenance worker, was not wearing eye protection while operating a grinding machine in the tool room. He received an eye injury from flying debris for which medical treatment was required. The injury occurred on Monday and he returned to regular duty on Thursday.
June 7: Justin Lu, a landscaper, was exposed to poison ivy while clearing weeds in a tank-farm area behind a plant. A rash developed on his arms. He was treated with prednisone adrenocortical steroid with a prescription. No time was lost at his job that day.
Utilize the information (on page 7 of the OSHA log) to explain your reasoning for each case in a Word document in essay form. Your submission should also address the following elements:
Discuss the purpose of the OSH Act and how the OSHA standards were promulgated.
Explain the requirements of the OSHA Recordkeeping Regulation.
Discuss an example where OSHA cited a company for a recordkeeping violation.
Your assignment must include the filled in OSHA form 300 and a two-page essay (an introduction is not required). If outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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