What were some of the questions asked during an interview you have been a part of? Share which ones were helpful and which ones were not.
What source have you found helpful in giving advice regarding the interview process? Share aspects of this source you found helpful.
What nonverbal cues were used during one of your interviews, and did those nonverbal cues put you at ease or create more tension?
What was worn during the interview, and how did the wardrobe choices impact the experience?
How did the setting have an impact on the interview experience?
Place your two APA citations in this section.
If you have not been on an interview, look up three questions an interviewer might ask, and assess those questions. What can be communicated nonverbally? What do you think you should wear? What have you discovered about the impact of the setting? You may need more than one outside source to answer this question effectively if you have not been on an interview.
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Wenska Jean
Apr 13 at 1:48am
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Hello Class,
Questions I was asked during an interview
Why did you choose our company etc. ?
What is your strength ?
What is your weakness ?
What will you bring to our establishment ?
Why do you need this job ?
Helpful : Be punctual, Always look at the eyes of the interviewed. Establish eye to eye contact. Respond to the question with self-confidence.
Unhelpful : Impromptu speech stutters and stumbles.
Eye contact, facial expression, and posture were among the nonverbal cues employed. All of these things were taught to me during an interview. Keeping good eye contact and a serious expression on your face conveys your enthusiasm and seriousness about the job interview. A job interview requires a professional appearance. You should dress in a professional or business-casual manner. My outfit consisted of a shirt with a short, fitted skirt. There was no room for error when it came to my skirt’s length and color choice. Gray and black were the predominant hues. In my opinion, interviews are best conducted in muted tones. In order to establish a positive working environment, the location of the interview is critical.

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Simons, L, T. (1995). Interviewing Job Applicants; How to Get beyond First Impressions. The
Scholarly Commons.
(Oral Communication in Context book)

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