We should bear in mind the following points when thinking about our methodology statement:
Firstly: you should propose ways –techniques-styles of unearthing critical knowledge about one social movement in Palestine. Why is ethnography or perhaps other methodspertinent to our work? What kind of intimate, personal, private spheres are we tapping into to understanding the dynamics of this social movement? What about our research questions?
Secondly: How would you like to represent these findings? What kind of primary or secondary resources are we working with? Do these resources enhance our knowledge of this social movement?
Thirdly: are there any ethical considerations that we should worry about? How do you plan on tackling them?
You do not have to provide answers to these questions. These questions help you think and conceptualize.
Grading Criteria:
– Your ability of unearthing critical scope. Topics-domains-narratives that might be under-researched and worth exploring further.
-Your ability of articulating useful research questions.
-Being cognizant of the opportunities and challenges.

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