Week 5: Assessment and Program
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Assessment and Program
You have a female client and have just completed her consultation. In her consultation paperwork she provided you with the following details: Age is 42, non-smoker, blood pressure is 139/92, glucose level is 93, and her total cholesterol is 200. She has not exercised consistently for 2 years and would like to lose 20lbs. She is not a fan of running but can do it, and she has never done resistance training besides in a group exercise class. She would like to run a 5k in the next year with friends. She does not know her current body fat but had it checked a year ago when she wanted to start a plan and it was 26% (she didn’t follow through with plan). She does not have any known cardiovascular diseases or a family history of them.
Write a paper about what your steps would be in completing the assessment and planning for this client. What assessments would you utilize with her based on information provided? What would be your thought process behind each assessment protocol used? What type of program design would you use for her workouts? What protocols would you need to take prior to starting her workout program? What would the basic outline look like for workouts (i.e. total physical activity time, cardio time, resistance time, F.I.T.T.)? How would you use the information regarding her BP, glucose, and total cholesterol?
This paper is to be 3-4 pages and then include a 1-page spreadsheet set up with assessments, and basic program ideas for this client. The paper should be 3-4 pages, not including title page, reference page, or your 1-page spreadsheet. Students should use APA format with 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double spacing.

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