Week 6:
Week Twelve Journal Question
For your journal entry, I want you to think about how being enslaved yet seeing a place of freedom, knowing it was so close, would have impacted you. Use ideas and example from the reading to discuss similarities and difference, actions you agreed with and those you disagreed with.
Please, no citations needed. Reference the readings for evidence and examples in support of your ideas, but do not summarize. That is not what you are being asked to do in these assigments.
1. Answer the question by identifying your response and then discussing the validity of your ideas. Use the readings for support. It is reflective writing, so share your thoughts and make sure you are fully and clearly explaining yourself. If you want to use a
compare and contrast or connect to the present (whether asked for or not), feel free to do so. Focus on
analyzing ideas.
2. This questions ask for you to take a position and
argue it out using the reading(s) as the basis for your argument. You need to identify the argument you wish to make, then explain and
defend your ideas with detailed language and using strong examples. You are also
reflecting in this assignment, which allows you to bring in your own styles of writing and
3. You can make pro or con arguments or compare past ideas and events to
what we see taking place in America today. You are expected to demonstrate an ability to identify key themes and
discuss them in your writing in order to pass this assignment and the course. Each entry
must be a minimum of 500 words.

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