You will write a paragraph about your plan and develop a table that includes variables and measures.This week you should deal with the very practical ‘nuts and bolts’ of doing an EBP project. Your group should have some discussion about the following:1. Given the topic of your EBP proposal and the aims that you wrote last week, what is the actual evidence that you are seeking?2. Assuming that you will be collecting data from human subjects, who should be included in the study, and who should be excluded in order to have the best generalizability. Why?3. What are the concepts that are in the study (i.e. the independent and dependent variables), and how are they to be measured? What is the best way to measure these, and what instruments would your group think is best? Why?4. How would you actually go about deploying the study? How would participants be recruited, enrolled, and put through the proposed procedures? When would measures be collected, and how often (e.g. at baseline and 3 months, just as an example?), How would this be done and who would be responsible for doing it? Try to be as practical as possible.5. These are all up for discussion, it should not be one group member’s ideas but all should contribute.Patty Parker is an FNP who works in a federally funded primary care clinic for an underserved population. Patty notices that the prevalence of obesity and diabetes is increasing in her patient population and that 44% of her patients are obese with 31% indicating they have had no physical activity in the previous month. The prevalence of diabetes is 15.2 percent, nearly twice the prevalence rate for the nation as a whole. Patty heard about the National Diabetes Prevention Program that was developed between the CDC and the NIH and wondered if her clinic might be instrumental in preventing diabetes in this population.Attached files are


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