For this assignment, please describe any evidence of glacial erosion in the place that you have written about in previous assignments. What are the landforms in your place that are likely evidence of glacial forces? Describe those forces and features they left behind after the glacier retreated. Photographs of the specific feature(s) discussed in your place are great, but if that cannot be found, a generic diagram that shows your discussed feature(s) is sufficient.Most middle to high latitudes show evidence of glacial erosion, but if your place is located in the low latitudes, it may not have any glacial erosional landscapes to discuss. If that is the case, please look at the nearest region (likely poleward) to your place that does have glacial erosional landforms and use that as your place to describe based on the assignment outline above.THE PLACE I want to write an assignment on is SAN FRANCISCO glacier erosion, but the WRITER CAN CHOOSE THEIR OWN PLACE to write about glacier erosion.PLEASE DO RESEARCH TO FIND ANY MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!PLEASE LOOK FOR 4 SOURCES or MORE.


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