On FB Assignments use the following instructions: When listing your initial post be sure to select the relevant terms and underline and bold them in your initial posting. This must be present in order to receive credit. You must also cite or reference your text book (Governing Texas by Champagne/Harpham/Casellas) at least one-time and another source provided (for a minimum of two sources) employing APA format.FB 1. What aspects of the political environment necessitated the drafting of Texas constitution of 1866? What was its goals and objectives? What issues led to the demise of the Texas Constitution of 1866 and the creation of the Texas Constitution of 1869?WORD BANK: Constitution, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Tyranny, Federalism, Supremacy Clause, Necessary and Proper Clause, Unicameral, Bicameral, Confederacy, Presidential Reconstruction, Congressional Reconstruction, Radical Republicans, Grange, Limited Government, Republican Government, Plural Executive, Impeachment


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