Note to tutor: please only use the provided link to answer this question, Do NOT use any outside sources! Thank you.Watch: The True Cost: (new link)(you can rent or find from an alternative source but it is a mandatory video)Please view this film from a women’s studies perspective. The film does not explicitly take a feminist standpoint, however, it becomes evident who the workers are, who the managers are as well as the bosses. Be cognizant of the gender, race and class relations while watching.What is “fast fashion”? How did it come about? And where is it produced and by whom?What are the working conditions where “fast fashion” is produced?Please discuss the production of cotton from Texas to India. How does it relate theFertilizersPesticidesPatentsWhat are the health and ecological effects of these processes?Who was Ernest Elmo Caulkins and what and what were two kinds of products he wrote about? What did he say “consumptionism” is?


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Do you think that lisa montgomery should have been granted a stay of execution and her case appealed due to her attorney′s claims that she is mentally ill?

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