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The main lesson I learned from the interactive scenario is that doing the right thing is hard and following research protocols requires strong
ethics. Each scenario gave me an insight into why researchers may be tempted to do what is easy instead of doing what it right. In research, ethics is clear cut as protocols and regulations are clearly outlined and all protocols have to be followed or the study is invalid. Some researchers may try to justify breaking protocols by creating gray areas. In all of the scenarios the researchers all contemplated falsifying data but in. the end only the PI Dr. Sowers actually falsified data which suspended his study and nullified the research many people worked hard on. The job of the hospital IRB is very difficult because they are responsible for making sure researchers are ethical. There is no excuse for unethical behavior in research if you take the time to consult the IRB on any perceived gray areas. Researchers should study protocols and rely on colleagues for help when needed. If you want your research to be accurate and valid you need to ethically follow protocols.
The following are the original post instructions.
Instructions for the discussion post.
1. Watch the interactive video on ethical research from the nurse’s perspective. (Please see video link below).
2. Conducting research with strong ethical principles is a critical component of being an effective nurse
3. What did you learn from participating in the interactive lessons on ethical principles in research?
4. Are ethics in research clear cut, or do you think there are some gray areas? Explain your answer.
5. How will you ensure that your research is conducted in an ethical manner? What potential challenges might you face?
The Research Clinic Simulation
Open the website (Links to an external site.) and click on “Play Full Video.”

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