INSTRUCTIONSYou should read the assigned chapters carefully.Part 1. TIMELINE corresponding to the time period covered by the assigned readingsYour assignment of creating a timeline with 10–15 events can be completed easily. You can come up with a much longer timeline, but you are required to submit only 10–15 most important events (think turning points).You can draw from textbooks, documents, films, and other sources, including Wikipedia.Ideally, you should draw the 10–15 events from your readings, which be easily done while you read. You can take notes and write down those “quotable sentences” (WITH PAGE NUMBERS for books or TIME STAMPS for films). Contents in your timeline and book chapter summaries/quotable sentences CAN overlap.Different people have different approaches to creating timelines. Find one that helps you learn the best. Below are a few sample timeline entries by former students. One student created a timeline entry in bullet point form highlighting When, Who, Where, What, Why (if applicable), So What (significance). You don’t have to follow this rigid form, but you should mentally consider all these questions while you create your timeline. You may simply create one-paragraph entries. Two examples:1821 Terra nova Case: Where American named Terra nova was seized by Chinese authorities and put to death … there was only a commercial relationship at this time and no laws governing the relationship and all the trade had to be conducted through Canton where Americans had to pay tribute.Part 2. book chapters summaries/takeaway messages x 3 chapterspart3.Documents summary/takeaway message x 4 (very short documents)Your summary (for Parts 2 and 3) should include the following elements:You first briefly summarize each chapter, highlighting its significance. (One paragraph)What is the takeaway message for you, if it differs from the significance discussed above.One or more important/quotable sentence(s) from the document.Reference/citation.If the short document has no page numbers, such as those from Wikisource, you don’t need to add footnotes. Just put (Wikisource, URL).If the document provided on Canvas has clear copyright information and page numbers, as a good practice, you should always use exact page numbers for those important/quotable sentence(s). For example:You should use a precise page number:(Mao, Selected Works, vol 1, p. 22) (single page, “p. 11.”)(Pomfret, Beautiful Country, pp. 112–113)(more than 1 page. “pp. x–xx”)If you use Kindle or ebook, cite the chapter title then.You should use a precise timestamp of a film:(China in Revolution, 00:55:15)OTHER READING PDF,use%20armed%20invasion%20and%20war.,use%20armed%20invasion%20and%20war.


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