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While we cover much of the textbook, American Cinema, American Culture, during the semester several chapters dealing with specific genres are overlooked. This unit allows you to delve into one of these chapters:
• Chapter 6: Silent Film Melodrama
• Chapter 7: The Musical
• Chapter 10: Film Noir: Somewhere in the Night
• Chapter 15: The 1960s: The Counterculture Strikes Back
· Chapter 17: Into the 21st Century
“’Genre’ is a French word that refers to a kind, type or category of a particular phenomenon or thing. In the cinema, genre is a term that is used to designate various categories of motion picture production” (Belton 113)
So for this unit read pp. 113-115 which offer a background on different genres and then choose one of the chapters listed previously to closely examine. Then read thoroughly that chapter.
• In a summary of 400-450 words, highlight the most important points of the chapter to you. Include specifics from the textbook in your summary.
• Write five multiple choice questions which emphasize five different important items from the chapter. Provide the answers
• Select a film of your choice that fits well with the chapter, and explain your rationale for choosing that film .
• Explain why you chose that film to illustrate the chapter (250 words minimum).
Upload all assignments into Dropbox using one document with a page break between sections (first page is summary, second page is for questions, and third page is for the chosen film and the rationale for choosing that film.

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