Annotation Writing AssignmentOverviewFor this assignment, you will write an annotation of one of the three empirical research studies you intend to use for your capstone paper. Within the Research Section of the capstone paper, you must summarize three primary research studies (See my research paper for the 3 primary research studies) that are relevant to your policy/topic. This assignment will assist you with the summarization process. Your selected research study must be conducted in the United States and related to your thesis statement (Curfews can save the lives of Juveniles and keep them out of trouble.). Note the study must be a primary research study published in a peer-reviewed journal. A primary research study should contain the following sections: Introduction/literature review, method/methodology, sample/participants, data/results/findings, and discussion/conclusion. Primary studies are research studies where data have been collected and analyzed by the researchers. If no data and/or results are provided, it is not a primary research study.For this assignment, you will read the selected study and answer the eight general questions for writing an annotation as covered in Unit 6 of the text and within this week’s module. Responses should be paraphrased in your own words and written for an academic audience who has no knowledge of the study. After answering the eight questions, you will write a summary of your responses in paragraph format to complete a 600-word (or more) annotation of the primary research study.Learning OutcomesBy completing this assignment, you will learn to write an annotation, focus on the pertinent information included within a primary research study (e.g., sample, data collected, results), and interpret the findings from the research to be used within the research section of your capstone paper.InstructionsPart 1First, you will complete the General Questions for Writing an Annotation for your selected research study. Answer the eight questions below in a Word document and make sure to include the questions as well as the answers (I will deduct points if the questions are not included). Remember to paraphrase the information IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy and paste directly from the research study. The use of direct quotes should also be avoided.In your Word document, provide the following information:• Your thesis statement and a brief explanation as to how the selected study is related to your policy and your thesis statement.• Reference information for the primary research study: Authors’ last name(s), publication year, study title, journal name, vol./issue number, pages numbers, doi or url.• Answers to the general questions for writing an annotation.General Questions for Writing an Annotation1. What type of source is this?2. Who were the researchers?3. What was the purpose of the study? What were the research questions?4. How did the researchers obtain their data? What methodology was used to obtain and analyze data?5. What were the results from the study? What did the researchers find?6. What did the researchers conclude based on the findings from the study?7. What were the limitations of the study? Specifically, what factors may have influenced the researchers’ findings?8. What suggestions did the researchers make for conducting future research?Part 2Using your responses from Part 1 of the assignment, write an annotation of the primary research study. Start the annotation on a new page within your Word document. Remember that you are writing to an academic audience who has no knowledge of the study so make sure to be as specific as possible. Please refer to the sample annotation in this week’s module as a guide and follow the rules outlined in Unit 6 of the Write & Wrong text for writing an annotation.• Formatting: Times New Roman 12-point font; double-spaced; left alignment, 1″ page margins, and include page numbers in the upper right header.• The annotation should be written in essay format using full sentences.• Paraphrase in your own words (be careful not to change the meaning).• Proofread for mechanics and grammar.• Length: Annotations must be at least two (2) full double-spaced pages with a minimum of 600 words (excluding Part 1 of the assignment).


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Notes/answer paper should be 3 pages only and should reflect your views on the paper in a technical way.

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