CLASS BOOK: “Revel” Abnormal Psychology, 18e, Hooley, Nock, Butcher (Pearson)ISBN 13: 97801352121721. Select a real or fictional character (from a movie) that exemplifies one of the psychological disorders from the textbook (Do not use “psychopath,” “sociopath,” or “serial killers” for this assignment).The opening paragraph of your essay should introduce who this character is, then, briefly explain the basic theme of the movie, what your character’s role is in the movie and the disorder that was represented.(Scroll down for list of approved movies or you can suggest one of your own. Do not select a movie that depicts multiple murders, excessive violence, or one where criminal activity is the main focus.)2. Find at least 3 additional resources on your psychology disorder that will allow you to gain more information (include this source in your reference page). Then, as you watch the movie, make a list of symptoms of the disorder that your movie character portrays. Do these symptoms match what you’ve learned about this disorder? Why or why not? Was an important symptom(s) missing? Explain the disorder using examples from the movie. Here you discuss the disorder, but also explain how popular media might distort the true reality of the condition. Include a differential diagnosis: What is the disorder similar to? What has to be ruled out? For example, some substance abuse disorders might present like schizophrenia (hallucinations), but the person is not a drug alcohol user so this is ruled out.Think about the indicators of abnormality in this section and use some of the terminology from chapter one: subjective distress/emotional regulation, maladaptiveness (school/occupation), social discomfort, irrationality/unpredictability, dangerousness, cognitive impairments. See if you can organize your work using some “psychological logic”. Showcase what you have been learning from the reading in your work.3. Address the “nature” (biological factors) verses “nurture” (environmental factors). Which perspective(s) do you think explains the reasons — the whys — for the disorder?4. Identify the ways that your character strives to overcome the disorder. How successful are they at dealing with the disorder? How does the disorder affect their ability to function in three key areas: School/work, relationships, and having a balanced life? What were the greatest challenges that your character had to face?5. What treatments are recommended for this disorder? Therapy? What type? Medications? Which ones? Did your character receive any of these treatments? Why or why not? (If your character did not get treatment, please address the topic of treatment in your paper…do you think your character would have been successful with this treatment? Why or why not?)6. Treatment Chart: Add a chart to the end of your work using some or all of the items listed here. What would their “clinical” chart look like? Feel free to add in information that you think might be part of their clinical history (could be completely fictional).Name:Main Complaint/disorder:History of the present illness:Past history of mental illness (outcomes):Medical History:Psychosocial History:Drug/Alcohol History:Behavioral observations:Mental Status Exam (results):Functional Assessment (ability to form healthy relationships, work, have balanced life of activity):Personality and Behavioral Strengths:Personality and Behavioral Weaknesses:Formal Diagnosis:Treatment Plan (goals):Prognosis:7. Provide an overall conclusion to your work. What did you learn from this assignment?8. The last page if your “References” using APA format. See the Purdue Owl for help with APA.


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