The following 15 persons below are in an atomic bomb shelter. An atomic attack has occurred. These 15 persons are the only humans alive on Earth. It will take two weeks for the external radiation to drop to a safe survival level. The food and supplies in the shelter can barely sustain seven persons for two weeks. In brief, only seven persons can minimally survive. It is your task to decide which seven of the following persons should survive. Provide written justification for each selection. You will need more than just two sentences for each person you picked. This exam has three parts.  The three parts are written and explained as the exam questions.  Also, the description of the 15 persons are provided for you at each question to use as a reference. 

  Description of 15 people:

Mr. Dane:  29, white, no religious affiliation, Ph.D. in History, college Professor, good health, married, one child (Bobby), active and enjoys politics.
Mrs. Dane:  28, white, Jew, BA and MA in Psychology, counselor in Mental Health Clinic, good health, married, one child (Bobby), active in community.
Bobby Dane:  10 years old, white, Jew, Special Education classes for four years, mentally retarded, IQ 70, good health, enjoys pets.
Mrs. Garcia:  33, Spanish American, Roman Catholic, 9th grade education, cocktail waitress, prostitute, good health, married at 16, divorced at 18, abandoned as a child, in foster home as youth, attacked by foster father at age 12, ran away from home, returned to reformatory, stayed till 16, has one child, 3 weeks old (Jean).
Jean Garcia:  3 weeks old, Spanish American, good health, nursing for food.
Mrs. Evans:  32, black, Protestant, BA and MA in Elementary Education, teacher, divorced, 1 child (Mary), good health, cited as outstanding teacher, enjoys working with children.
Mary Evans:  8, black, Protestant, 3rd grade, good health, excellent student.
John Jacobs:  13, white Protestant, 8th grade, honor student, very active, broad interests, father is Baptist minister.
Mr. Newton:  25, black, good health, claims to be an atheist, started last year in medicine – suspended, homosexual activity, seems bitter concerning racial problems, wears “hippy” clothes.
Mrs. Clark:  28, Protestant, black, college graduate in Engineering Electronics, engineer, married, no children, good health, enjoys outdoor sports and stereo equipment, grew up in ghetto.
Sister Mary Kathleen:  27, Nun, college graduate as English major, grew up in upper middle class neighborhood, good health, father is a businessman.
Mr. Blake:  51, white, Mormon, high school graduate, mechanic, “Mr. Fixit”, married, 4 children (not with), good health, enjoys outdoors and working in his shop.
Miss Harris:  21, Spanish American, Protestant, college senior, nursing major, good health, enjoys sports, likes people.
Father Frenz:  37, white, Catholic, college plus seminary, priest, active in civil rights, criticized for liberal views, good health, former college athlete.
Dr. Gonzales:  66, Spanish American, Catholic, medical doctor in general practice, has had 2 heart attacks in past five years but continues to practice.

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