Part 1: Team Killers — Answer the following questions in essay format (you may label each question, but fully and thoroughly answer each).1. Discuss how the pathology of the team-offender relationship is symbiotic (what is meant by this?) Why do people team up in serial murder? Give examples.2. Discuss how males almost exclusively assumed leadership in the non-relative category of serial murder relationships.3. Discuss the FBI’s conclusion that females who took part in team killings did so because of “straight forward male coercion.” Do you agree? Explain.This is the perfect lead in to Part 2 below:Part 2: Karla Holmolka and Paul Bernardo (“Ken and Barbie”) — Written video summarywatch video:Assignment: Written summary of the video. Include all important and relevant information and how it relates to the material we’ve learned in class. You have discretion how to craft your summary – written paragraphs, bullet points, outline, pictures (even a power point is acceptable) – anything you want so long as it is a thorough compilation of the information in the video. As a conclusion to your video summary answer the question as to whether Karla can be said to have taken part because of “straight forward male coercion” or was she a full participant? Explain your answer/reasoning.Write as one essay – simply label the parts


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• due date for assignment 2 is by the end of week 11 (12/11/2022)

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