In this assignment, you will find a news article from a national newspaper discussing something interesting/exciting being done in a particular scientific field (defined broadly to include any field that relies on the basic natural/mathematical sciences as foundational components of the field). You will reflect and present on what you learned in a 2 page paper, double-spaced, APA style. Please include a reference list so I can access the articleThe Assignment should include:Brief article summarySchool of Science Major(s) connected to the articleThe most interesting part of the articleWhether you considering studying or working in fields related to this article. Why/Why not?Any ethical issues related to this articleSubmit your paper via Canvas Assignments. See syllabus schedule for due date.tilt_template_criteria_header.pngThis is a 60 point assignment assessed using the following criteria:The paper included all of the required elementsThe paper’s article summary and main points are well-developedThe article used has a strong connection to one or more science majorsThe paper is clear, professional, and free from grammar errorsAPA Style is usedA reference list is attachedTurnitin Plagiarism Review must not exceed 10%.-Choose an Optometry


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