Assignment Overview: The interaction and interpersonal relationships between friends, business colleagues, or even strangers depends on their emotional intelligence. For this assignment, you are the chairperson of a college scholarship committee. The Financial Aid Office has been given two scholarships by a private donor. These scholarships are for $2,500 each for four years. The stipulations of each scholarship are that it is to be given to an entering freshman, that it will be renewed each year as long as the student maintains a 2.5 grade average, and that a committee of students at the university should choose the recipient. Your task is to decide which two applicants will be awarded the scholarships. Assignment Details: Perform the following tasks: Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment To complete the assignment: Read the following descriptive notes regarding the ten applicants. Select two from the list that you will award the scholarships. Write a 350-500 word summary to explain the reasons for your choices. Relate how your emotional intelligence affects your communication. Be sure to use the lecture, readings, and other research to support your answer. Use the plagiarism tool to check your summary against unintended plagiarism. Spell check your summary.


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