Write a 800 to 1000-word, single-spaced summary of the major points of all the required readings, videos, and lectures.
Please BOLD the names of the readings/ materials/ concepts from lecture in your post. (Academic citation is NOT necessary in this Review)
Proper grammar and spelling is required.
please bold all 7 articles’ names and summarize the main ideas and bold the concept. you can summarize according to the next questions:
How does your personal history with money impact your relationships?
Money is related to power. How has the influence of money on relationships and dating changed over time?
What would it look like for an economy to value caregiving?
We think of caregivers as middle-aged women, but many men are caregivers, too. Why do we associate caregiving with women when men are equally able to provide love and care?
What is the special burden of women during this pandemic, as described in our materials for this week

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