Write an essay in which you explain as fully and specifically as you can the meaning of and ideas behind the passage below from Augustine’s Confessions. The best way to organize your paper is to work through the passage sentence-by-sentence, noting the important metaphors and images and commenting on the ideas and larger concepts behind them, drawing specifically upon the rest of the text to support your reading.
“I was eager for fame and wealth and marriage, but you only derided these ambitions. They caused me to suffer the most galling difficulties, but the less you allowed me to find pleasure in anything that was not yourself, the greater, I know, was your goodness to me. Look into my heart, O Lord, for it was your will that I should remember these things and confess them to you. I pray now that my soul may cling to you, for it was you who released it from the deadly snare in which it was so firmly caught. It was in a state of misery and you probed its wound to the quick, pricking it on to leave all else and turn to you to be healed, to turn to you who are above all things and without whom nothing could exist.” (118)

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