Write an essay which analyzes different positions on a controversial issue. This project requires research and you will be using at least 5 sources for this paper, of which you must demonstrate strong understanding. Your purpose is to introduce your basic topic (and the sides of the issue); analyze and help your readers to understand the authors’ main points of disagreement, including the different values/beliefs/priorities/concerns/interests served that motivate each side of the argument.
Assignment Requirements
Chapter 5 (pages 154-190) of The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing address how to compose an Analyzing Opposing Arguments essay. Essay 4’s assignment requirements reflect the aforementioned objectives as follows:
For Essay 4, I invite you to choose a controversial issue that will allow you to analyze its argument’s opposing sides. Issues that you might want to consider:
Rather than simply producing a report of widely accepted information, the focus of the essay should be on analyzing the opposing sides of your topic. Your fair and impartial presentation will be built on an informative introduction and clear, logical organization.
Essay 4 requires substantive research to successfully analyze and synthesize the academic conversation of your chosen argument. Ultimately, the assignment creates a space for deep analysis and focused research synthesis that employs rhetorically effective strategies we have learned throughout the quarter from The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. You will need at least 5 outside sources.
General Info & Deadlines
Strict MLA formatting required—see SMG Ch. 20
Paper length minimum: 1,500 words
The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing Essay Checklist
Choose a controversial issue on page 172-173
Test your choice on page 173
Conduct research on page 173
Create an annotated working bibliography on pages 174-176
Analyze your audience on page 176
Choose opposing arguments to analyze on pages 177-178
Draft a working thesis on page 179
Create an outline to plan or assess your organization on page 179
Develop your analysis on pages 180-182
You may choose any topic that fits the parameters of this assignment and interests you. Below are topics that work well for this paper. You are free to choose one of them or a topic of your choice.
· Should COVID-19 vaccinations be mandated for all Americans—with the exception of those who meet reasonable exemption standards?
· Should student loan debt be cancelled?
· Does social media do more harm to society than good for it?

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