An Individual Written Assignment is required, presenting an Outline Development Plan for a city-based Tourism product of the students choice. The plan should include sections covering possible economic and social impacts and although a financial analysis is not required, the proposal should be demonstrably viable.

Special care should be taken to ensure that evidence of academic journal reading is provided in the text, along with wider reading to support the analysis, conclusions and recommendations. 8 academic sources are required as a minimum, Correct Harvard referencing is a requirement, without which the assignment cannot be accepted, according to IBS regulations (See below).

The format should be as follows

      Introduction (presenting the subject and rationale)

      Main Body (the Plan itself, covering Economic Impact, Social & Environmental Impacts etc with all secondary data suitably referenced)

      Conclusions (based on the evidence presented, which could possibly include Recommendations).

      Bibliography (a list of the books, journals, websites consulted)

      Appendix (pictures, charts, interviews etc)

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