Written H&P Rubric :
H&P Case Study must focus on a Primary
Care patient (Make up a patient case). The case must
include the following: a complete history about your patient’s background, a
complete review of systems, and a complete physical exam.
THREE differential diagnoses. Write a diagnostic summary regarding how each
diagnosis was ruled in/out based on the CC/HPI, PMH/PSH, ROS, PE and the most
current evidence-based practice. A brief overview on the pathophysiology of
each of the diagnoses should be included. Submit
ONE current evidence-based protocol or national guideline to support the plan
of care and ONE pertinent research study article (peer reviewed nursing or
related discipline). Summarize the research article and protocol/guideline
and discuss whether or not the plan
of care for the patient followed the recommended protocol/guideline and the article,
with an explanation of why/why not. The plan of care must be based on standards of practice for
nurse practitioners; current references (less than 5, within the past 5 years)
must be cited in APA format and a reference list must be attached, as well as a
copy of the research article and protocol/guideline. In addition, each student
will answer any questions about the case study raised by faculty or fellow

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