You are a new CEO of a 25-bed critical access hospital located in rural Colorado named Silver Pines Community Hospital. The hospital offers a variety of services including emergency services, inpatient and outpatient services, primary care, specialty clinics, telehealth, therapy and home health and hospice. The hospital does not currently have a quality improvement program in place and a fresh perspective is needed to develop a culture of quality management.
There are numerous challenges facing this small rural hospital, but the most persistent one is patient flow and the impact it has on patient experience, especially related to access to care through digital technology and retaining community residents for care. Your job is to develop a quality improvement plan for improve patient flow and patient experience.
The quality improvement plan must include the items below.
Create a quality improvement vision statement for the hospital.
Outline the roles of hospital leaders and the board of directors.
Create a quality improvement team and define the various roles of each member of the team. Describe how accountability of team members will be incorporated into the plan.
State the overall goal of the quality improvement plan. Identify two specific areas of quality improvement and explain the methods in which you will implement to improve patient flow and experience.
Describe how you will measure improvements, explain how it will be analyzed, and how you will sustain improvement. Fully describe two quality tools that will be used to measure progress and how you will use them in the process.
Explain how you will incorporate digital technology into the plan.
Describe how you will foster communication, accountability, and a culture of continuous improvement.
State how you will provide the staff ongoing education on quality improvement and how you will hardwire the process of continuous improvement into the culture.
Describe how you will report the status of your improvement plan to the board of directors and subsequently the entire staff at the hospital.

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