are asked to interview an older adult (age
60 or older) about his or her subjective experiences of growing older. These
are two separate assignments. The
objective of the interview is to give you the opportunity to learn first-hand
from an adult about his or her individual experiences of having grown older.
Are you aware
of your age? Do you feel (emotionally and/or physically) your chronological
age? What makes or has made you aware that you have grown older?
When you were
younger, did you ever think about what getting older would be like? Has it been
better or worse than what you had expected?
What are some
of the good things that have happened with getting older?
What are some
of the challenges of getting older?
What are some
of the surprising aspects of getting older?
What would
you tell a young person about the years of adulthood or old age?
Is there any
critical advice that you would want to give a young person?
What are you
currently doing to improve your perspectives upon certain aspects of your life
or the process of aging?

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