You are to read and sign a copy of the plagiarism statement, which you will find on the content page on Blackboard. You are to attach the signed copy of the plagiarism statement to your term paper before you submit your term paper.
I expect that the papers will be appropriate for a 400 level course. More specifically, I will be looking forward to reading papers that show evidence of careful research, organization, writing, and thought. There is no excuse for turning in a paper with spelling errors, poor grammar or a series of long quotations one after another held together by your brief sentences.
The target term paper length is 10 pages of text. The paper is to be in APA style, including the format of book, journal, and web references.
I would like you to read the Haggbloom et al (2002) article The 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20tth century, Review of General Psychology 6, (2), 139-152. (A copy of the article is on the Blackboard content page for this course). Think about it and pick one of the listed psychologists as your favorite then write your term paper following the instructions.
Term Paper Instructions
The paper has three parts.
1. Title page: formatted as follows:
PSY 471
2. Abstract page that contains the abstract of your term paper
3. A discussion of who is your favorite psychologist from the list of the 100 most eminent psychologists and why you feel that way. Included in this discussion MUST BE A DETAILED CONSIERATION OF THE OVERALL CONTRIBUTIONS YOUR PSYCHOLOGIST MADE TO MOVE FORWARD THE DISCIPLINE OF PSYCHOLOGY. THIS NEEDS TO BE SUPPORTED BY SCHOLARLY REFERENCES. While an overview of your psychologist’s major theory and research is nice, it is not sufficient. I am looking for a discussion of how your psychologist was influenced by prior psychology research and theory and how your psychologist in turn influenced and advanced future psychological research and theory. At the very least this entails:
a. a discussion of the paradigms of psychology research and theory prior to your psychologist’s work and how they influenced your psychologist
b. a discussion of how your psychologist’s work changed or extended the paradigms and charted new directions for psychology.
I need to understand how your psychologist fits into the history of psychology. I need to understand the influence your psychologist had on other psychologists or schools of psychology. I need to understand how your psychologist advanced the thought and practice of psychology as a scientific discipline.
If you wish, you may EMAIL ME A draft of the paper for a preliminary review by April 19. This can help with your revisions.
References and Resources
Your paper must have minimum of 5 appropriate references. You must acknowledge the sources of the information and ideas for the paper, even if you are not quoting directly and are paraphrasing. I recognize that most of the ideas and content for the paper will be coming from authors you read. This is what is expected. Your contribution lies in how you organize and tie together this material. If I detect plagiarism, you may receive a zero on the paper. You may access books and journals via the library or Internet. You may reference material found on the Internet. I will critically evaluate the quality of the reference and if it is suspect (e.g., not peer reviewed), I will take off points. There are some sites on the Internet that are acceptable, such as or (National Academy of Sciences memoirs about the members). I don’t want Wikipedia,, or other lightweight sites used as references. They are a good start (like dipping your toe into a pool before you dive in) but are too uneven in their content and accuracy to serve as a reference. So, don’t rely on them and don’t cite them. DO NOT CITE YOUR TEXTBOOK (Henley).

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