You are to write a concise summary of Japan, which is apart of the Ring of Fire, an earthquake-­‐prone region that can be read in a minute. An average reading rate for a college student is about 300 words per
minute. So, these essays should be between 250 and 350 words. You can think of this as
the abstract of a more substantial body of work that you have done.
The preparation would be the same as writing a term paper, only rather than writing an
entire paper you are only writing the abstract.
What you can assume about your reader:
• They know the geography of your region
• They understand earthquakes at the level presented in this course
• They know all the background units, scientific notation, etc.
What you should submit:
• Your Essay (250 to 350 words)
• APA or MLA formatted reference list – give only the resources you used to generate your
• Your region as a title. Remember to put your name beneath the title.
• The document should be uploaded to D2L as a PDF (D2L can sometimes struggle with
other formats, and the formatting does not always come across properly).
Key points we are looking for
• The region that you are discussing
• Type of tectonic setting
• History of earthquakes and damage
• The potential for future damaging earthquakes
Please see the attached files for instructions and all information that can be used.

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