You are to write an eight-page research paper on one of the following topics. The eight pages are in addition to the title page, reference page, and abstract. At a minimum you will be submitting a total of 11 pages. You Must Use the APA style of writing. This is the American Psychological Style of Writing. Owl Purdue is a good online resource for APA style of writing. Be sure to cite your sources, within your paper. You will be allowed 3 submission attempts, after the third submission, you won’t be able to go back and edit or make any changes to your paper. The paper is worth 200 points. 100 points are based on using the APA style of writing. No points or partialcredit will be given to any paper less than the eight required pages. I will be looking specifically for: APA title page format, Abstract, citation throughout paper, page numbers, Correct font & spacing, required page length and APA resource page format. The topics to pick from are the following:
1.Types of Social Work Careers

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