You will be required to observe five (5) criminal court proceedings online. You may attend any CRIMINAL proceeding, but you must be able to answer the questions below for each proceeding. I’m including some online courtrooms for your convenience.
Part 1
Select a virtual courtroom to observe. You must observe five (5) separate sessions either live or recorded criminal case proceeding. You will need to focus on criminal procedure and identify at least one applicable amendment. I’m including a few courtroom links for your convenience. Please be sure to read the rules regarding online courtroom proceedings and follow instructions.
Superior Court of California in the County of Santa Barbara Audio Proceedings (Request 5 days in advance)
Superior Court of California in the County of Fresno Live Streaming YouTube
Superior Court of California in the County of Stanislaus Live Streaming on YouTube
Judge Jeffrey Middleton Pre-Recorded Limited Criminal Cases
Maryland Court of Appeals Pre-Recorded and Live Webcasts
Judge Alex Kim Pre-Recorded Detention Hearings
Part 2
Present your project to the class and thoroughly address all of the issues described below. You will need to narrate and orally present your project using a visual aid (i.e. google slides, Prezi, or PowerPoint).
Which judge’s courtrooms stood out the most and how did you attend – either live or recorded on youtube?
Identify the jurisdictions you observed
What types of cases did you observe and what specific issues or motions were being heard?
Describe what you observed, in detail, in terms of the issues pending before the court and the format of the hearing. What were your key takeaways?
Were the participants prepared and professional in each observation?
How were your observations different from one another?
Was the court able to resolve the issues?
Identify at least one amendment (4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, or 14th) that relates to the hearing you observed.
Part 3

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