You will be required to write a short paper of 2-4 pages on any topic related to the topic of Corrections and Sentencing, covered in Class. There is a list for topics, students can choose from that list one topic (see below on page 3 of this syllabus: Outlined of topics). Students will choose any topic on that list and write a per on it. This paper must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion (Essay Format). Students may use sources in the paper or at the end of the paper where they can write them under a reference lists. Make sure you use academic citation formats in your work or in the reference lists. You can use APA or MLA formats, but not both in the same paper you wrote.
The Correctional Context
The corrections system
The early history of correctional thought and practice
The modern history of corrections
The punishment of offenders
The law of corrections
The correctional client
Correctional Practices
Jail: Detention and short-term incarceration
Intermediate sanctions and community corrections
The prison experience
Women in corrections
Institutional management
Institutional programs
Release from incarceration
Supervision in the community
Corrections for juveniles
Correctional Issues and Perspectives
Incarceration trends
Race, ethnicity, and corrections
The death penalty
Surveillance and control in the community
Community justice

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