You will have an opportunity to reflect on your learning, personal
and professional experiences as related to Rapid changes in healthcare. These
reflections may include cumulative learning / opinions as your
perspectives may or may not change while navigating through the course.
Please select an article published within the past three years
from one of the journals listed below to provide additional information
on your perspective:
Modern Healthcare
Healthcare Executive
Journal of Healthcare Management
Health Care Management Review
The American Journal of Nursing
Journal of Healthcare Leader
Journal of the American Medical Association
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Quality Management in Healthcare
Human Resource Management Journal
Harvard Business Review
Healthcare Financial Management
Write a minimum 270 word reflection, that includes:
article name/journal source
brief summary of the article
How the article applies to this module’s topic
3 takeaways/what you learned from your article
Any connections to Rapid changes in healthcare and/or implications for
equity and diversity and how you, as a future health care leader,
would/could effect change

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