you will reflect on your progress as a graduate student in psychology. This is a self-assessment reflection, and may be based on your work and feedback in this course.
Assess your understanding of course concepts by focusing on the following areas:
Your vision and professional aspirations.
The effectiveness of your personal time management.
Your level of information literacy/research skills.
Your ability to make logical, persuasive arguments about course and discipline concepts and ideas. In other words, focus on your ability to apply critical thinking skills.
Your consistency and comfort in applying proper APA formatting.
Your ability to use effective communications.
The level and consistency of your professionalism.
What are three of your most valuable strengths as a graduate student that will help you to succeed in your program? Discuss the evidence that you have to indicate that you possess these strengths.
What are the three most important areas you need to strengthen as a graduate student? Discuss the evidence that you have to indicate that you need to strengthen these three areas.
What challenges will you face strengthening these areas? Consider your personal setting and circumstances and how you think they will evolve over the next 2 years.
What strategies can you use to overcome these challenges? You may want to consider forming a support group, adjusting your circumstances as much as you are able, developing a schedule, and so on. Reviewing each activity will help you to identify the strategies that will be the most valuable to you..

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